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s pilot program Tue, 27 June 2017 06:47
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锘? Rick Pendery Customized USWNT Soccer Jerseys , substance abuse expert, has helped thousands to be freed of the interminable treadmill of drug addiction and alcohol dependence.

It has been a three years since Rick Pendery began the project to bring his Second Chance Program to Albuquerque, New Mexico and the doors have been open since October of 2006. This is the culmination of thirteen years handling substance abusers, six of those years in Mexico piloting this program with heroin and meth addicted inmates there, resulting in this prison-based drug and criminal rehab center.

Pendery, raised in Texas, graduated with honors from Lake Highlands High School in Dallas, Texas USWNT Soccer Jerseys , having lettered in track and football and All-City in football. He then attended Texas Tech University studying engineering and psychology. All the while, surrounded by people using drugs with some more addicted than others, his interest peaked. For a short while he worked in a methadone clinic. But there he saw too many people walk out of the clinic, into the parking lot and buy heroin. This treatment was clearly ineffective.

He started really looking around, and came across a program called Narconon. He found this program to be very effective. Working with Narconon for several years he became the chief administrator for a program in El Paso Tex. Besides running the community-based arm he opened and ran a treatment program for La Tuna Federal Prison and administrated a contract for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the treatment of Native Americans. Later he was promoted to be the Executive Director for the program and eventually became the Executive Director for Narconon US where he presided over the administration of over 30 Narconon drug treatment programs in the US. This included running programs for the California Department of Corrections, the Delaware Department of Corrections and the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Narconon uses the Drug Rehabilitation Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. The program has a drug-free withdrawal step, a sauna detoxification step and an additional life skills training section with courses in communication, remedial education. Also Whitney Engen USA Jersey , it has classes specifically designed to help the individual understand the reasons why he started using drugs and giving him tools to combat the urge to use drugs in order to live a drug-free life. Pendery feels that these steps together cultivate self respect in these former addicts.

Pendery started the Second Chance Center in the mid 90s. He explains why, I saw two things occurring. Drug use seemed to be generally growing and the crime rate in many categories was increasing as well. The number of people incarcerated almost doubled in 1990s and because of this, the budgets for the Department of Corrections were starting to bankrupt our states. I had previously run a successful drug rehab program called Narconon, which was both effective in reducing recidivism as well as was able to scale up to where it could economically deliver to large numbers of people at once. I felt that this approach was particularly suited to the criminal justice system where they had approximately 80 percent of incarcerated offenders with prior drug histories. With over 2 million people currently incarcerated in the United States its been cost prohibitive for those offenders to get rehabilitated in that system. According to the US Dept of Justice, the stats shows that over 65% of those who have been incarcerated, within three years, return to prison. I wanted to bring a workable drug and criminal rehab program to the criminal justice system.

Then last year Pendery opened the doors to the prison-based drug and criminal rehab facility in Albuquerque. The 600-bed facility, the Second Chance Center Tobin Heath USA Jersey , (www.secondchancecenters) uses programming based on research done by L. Ron Hubbard in the field of drug rehabilitation and criminal behavior.

We have brought in protocol based on the works of Mr. Hubbard because I have seen the effectiveness of these programs. such as the long-term sauna detox protocol and the drills he developed to help improve communication skills. The education tools really help improve peoples ability to learn and apply what they study. All this helps them succeed in life. Rick Pendery explains, We are a totally secular program and not a part of the Church of Scientology or any other church. We do offer Catholic and Protestant services to our students on Sunday. The program itself uses no drugs or medications, and emphasizes healthy foods and healthy living.

The reason that I decided to start the Second Chance Program is because most inmates in correctional facilities usually end up back in prison., said Pendery. Prisons actually do not rehabilitate criminals. Because a large portion of inmates have drug problems, effective treatment is vital Many inmates have low self esteem, no social skills nor the education to reenter society as productive members. With the right guidance and education, they can become productive members of society and never return to a life of crime or drugs.

Three independent university studies done on Penderys pilot programs have shown that criminal recidivism dropped to less than 10% for those who participated prior to release .

Rick Pendery founded and ran a six year pilot of the Second Chance Program in Ensenada and Tijuana, Mexico as well as another pilot for nearly two years in Puerto Rico. The Second Chance Program freed over 6000 inmates from the interminable treadmill of drug addiction that leads to more crime and re-incarceration.

As such a leader and executive in the field of substance abuse for over three decades Morgan Brian USA Jersey , Rick Pendery was asked by National Foundation of Women Legislators (NFWL) to co-chair the NFWL's Crime, Justice, Terrorism, & Substance AbuseHarper Injured After Colli. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys
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